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When a Marital Settlement Agreement is approved by the Court, or when a Judge enters a ruling at the end of a trial the issues in your divorce, paternity, custody or child support case are resolved. But sometimes life situations change in a dramatic fashion.

Darren K. Edwards is a Fort Lauderdale divorce modification lawyer who can help you change certain aspects of your divorce agreement/order. Some can be modified, and some cannot. During divorce, you may have agreed to an equitable distribution of your assets and liabilities. This area of agreement cannot be changed unless new information is found (such as hidden assets) within one year of the divorce.

When can a Divorce Agreement or Final Judgment be Modified?:

Typically a divorce agreement/order can be modified when a substantial change happens in the lives of either parent or the children. Examples include:

A parent loses a job and becomes unemployed

A parent receives a promotion with a significant raise

A parent or a child is injured in an accident and incurs significant medical costs

A parent or a child becomes disabled or is diagnosed with an illness

One of the parents wishes to move more than 50 miles from their current residence

What Divorce Agreements can be Modified?:

An experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce modification lawyer can help you obtain a “modification,” which will change your divorce agreement/order. Examples of modification of orders include:

Change of holiday or vacation schedule for parental timesharing

Change of spousal support amount, timing or duration

Change of parental timesharing or custody if one parent wishes to move out of state with a child

Change of health insurance plans or the responsible parent

Change of child support amount

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