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Unlike other states, Florida does not allow spouses to file for legal separation. Florida law allows only you to file for divorce, but you may be able to obtain child and spousal support unconnected to divorce under certain circumstances. Contact Darren K. Edwards, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale to explore your legal options and answer your divorce and separation questions.


Fort Lauderdale Separation Agreement

What is legal separation?

A legal separation allows spouses to live separately but remain married. In states that permit legal separation, the court approves a separation agreement or determines each spouse’s rights and responsibilities on issues you would find in a divorce; however, Florida law does not allow for legal


Florida’s Legal Separation alternative

A separation agreement in Florida may provide the same result as a legal separation in other states. The separation agreement is a legally binding contract that resolves the issues between you and your spouse; you and your spouse separate in accordance with the terms of the agreement while remaining married. The only difference between entering into a separation agreement in Florida and filing for legal separation in other states is that the court does not approve the agreement or resolve disputes.


Pre‐Nuptial Agreement

A pre‐nuptial agreement is one entered into by prospective spouses to pre‐determine the manner in which assets and liabilities owned prior to the marriage and some assets acquired during the course of the marriage are divided in the event the marriage is terminated. Florida courts provide the prospective spouses with broad latitude in formulating such agreements.


Call (954) 332-3558 for more information on Pre‐Nuptial and Separation agreements in Fort Lauderdale Darren K. Edwards P.A. negotiates and drafts agreements. Speak with our firm for divorce help in Fort Lauderdale or to determine if a separation or pre‐nuptial agreement is the right option for you.