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There is nothing more important to most of us than protecting our families. Sometimes a big part of protecting your family requires taking swift action to regain control of your finances. Even if your are single, sometimes Family Law issues or financial ones must be sorted out. It can be reassuring to have an attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable and steady. Whether you are filing for Divorce or seeking a fresh start through the filing of a Bankruptcy, Darren K. Edwards P.A. will stand as a partner during those difficult times.

The days of our lives are too precious and to few to waste in a failed marriage or with the stress of out-of-control fiances. If you have been served with a divorce or other family law action, if you are facing a foreclosure or wage garnishment, failing to take action can have legal consequences which are difficult to untangle. Start the next phase of your life by contacting our office at (954) 495-4690.

Divorce can be a complicated legal process involving all of life’s most heart-felt emotions. Our responsibility at Darren K. Edwards P.A. is to protect a client’s legal rights and to help a client to ensure that the best interest of their children are safeguarded. At Darren K. Edwards P.A., we represent unmarried mothers seeking paternity testing to secure support for biological fathers who are seeking full parental rights, custody and meaningful time-sharing with their children.

Creditors can be persistent. They call constantly and file lawsuits. Foreclosure actions add to the misery. A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can provide a new lease on life. Please contact us.