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Darren K. Edwards P.A. provides representation to clients in all types of Dissolution of Marriage cases whether they are simple, uncontested divorces or high conflict, high net worth cases. We strive
to provide diligent representation in all our divorce cases.

Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage – A Divorce case in which the parties agree on all the assertions made by the spouse who filed the Petition for Dissoution of Marriage. These case are often resolved through the Parties signing a Mediated Settlement Agreement. Uncontested Divorces in Florida conclude with a Circuit Court Judge entering Final Judgment of Divorce after a brief hearing.

Contested Dissolution of Marriage: A Divorce case where the parties are in disagreement concerning the resolution of one or more issues. Although these cases ultimately may settle through formal or informal mediation, these cases sometimes are resolved after several hearings through a divorce trial.

Fort Lauderdale Collaborative Divorce:

Collaborative Divorce: Darren K. Edwards P.A. represents clients in resolving Dissolution of Marriage issues through out of court settlements. In the Collaborative Divorce process the spouses cooperate to resolve their issues. The spouses and attorneys agree to stay out of court and to freely share information in Collaborative Divorces Collaborative divorce usually costs less than litigation and is less stressful. The spouses dictate how a collaborative divorce proceeds.The spouses and their attorneys meet to outline the issues andto explore settlement options.Sometimes other neutral professionals, such as an accountant and psychologist participate in settlement meetings.

Once the spouses resolve all their issues, one of the divorce attorneys drafts documents that detail the settlement. The documents are then submitted to the court for approval.

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Collaborative Divorce may or may not be the right option in every case. Darren K. Edwards P.A. can assist you in deciding which type of divorce is best for your situation.