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The equitable distribution of marital assets and debts is part of every Florida divorce whether the parties negotiate a marital settlement agreement or let the court decide who gets what.

Darren K. Edwards, P.A., Fort Lauderdale division of assets lawyer, helps our divorce clients achieve a fair property division by making sure all assets and debts are accounted for and properly evaluated. This firm works with independent professionals, including forensic accountants, to track down hidden assets and determine the true and fair current and future value of marital property.

Darren K. Edwards, P.A. addresses equitable distribution of property in marital estates of all sizes, including those with substantial assets in a thorough and responsible manner.Marital property may include:

Real estate, Businesses, Deposit accounts, such as savings and checking, Insurance policies, Securities,Pension,401K, 503B, IRAs and other retirement accounts, Intellectual property (patents, copyrights), Vehicles, Jewelry, art or other collections, Household furnishings, , Pets,
Marital debts can include mortgages, car loans, credit card accounts and other debts. Most assets or debts acquired during the marriage are considered marital and are subject to equitable distribution.

Equitable, Not Equal :

Distribution of property must be equitable, or fair, but it doesn’t have to be equal. The court considers many factors, including the length of the marriage, each party’s economic circumstances and their contribution to the marriage.

Darren K. Edwards, P.A. goes the extra mile to track down hidden assets and evaluate everything so that our clients receive a truly equitable share of marital assets.We provide an honest assessment of your case and explain how we can help and tell you how much it will cost. To discuss the equitable distribution of property or any other aspect of your divorce, please contact attorney Darren K. Edwards today.