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Child Custody and Visitation is Parental Timesharing:

In the excitement of divorce litigation sometimesproperty parents forget that their children are human beings and not property. Florida Courts view the “best interest of the child” as the legal standard in determining time sharing schedules, and the elements of a parenting plan. In Florida, we call this parental timesharing.

Darren K. Edwards P.A. is a law firm with an attorney devoted to and experienced in family law matters, including divorce and parental timesharing. An experienced Fort Lauderdale child custody lawyer can help you make the parental timesharing decisions you need to make, so that your children’s fate is not left up to a family law judge to determine.

What is Parental Timesharing?

Parental timesharing, the number of overnight visits with each parent, is one of the factors used in Florida child support calculations. There are two aspects of parental timesharing, and an experienced attorney can help you find an agreeable solution to both of them.

Decision making ability — This is the parent’s ability to make health care, end of life, education, religious upbringing and other important decisions for their children.
Parenting time / visitation / timesharing — This is the physical time that the child spends in your care. The state feels that this should be close to equal if that is in the best interest of the child This time includes daily time as well as special times such as holidays and vacations.
Florida law promotes that the “best interest of the child” is equal timesharing. Darren K. Edwards believes that parents should be the judge of what is in their child’s best interest. If you don’t want the judge to unilaterally decide for you, contact Fort