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A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a reorganization of debt by a corporation or an individual with a too much debt to be in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or that is looking to revalue the mortgage or secured loan on property outside the permissions of Chapter 13.

The case starts with the creation of a plan of reorganization in which you pay a portion of your debt back. The repayment plan in part is based on a repurchase of non-exempt assets from the bankruptcy estate; accordingly you may keep most, if not all, of your assets. Your Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney will use a goal oriented approach to your case as such most Chapter 11 cases will focus on the value of secured assets and an attempt to reset the principal of the mortgage or loan to the value of the secured asset at the time of filing the case.


How Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Works:

A chapter 11 is a highly personalized reorganization of a company or individual. Often a personal case may be filed along with acorporate case to help deal with co-signors or co-debtors and other pledged assets.

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